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Gaga Ball - Froggy Ball

Gaga Ball - Froggy Ball

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Gaga Ball is now more portable and affordable than ever! Great for indoor and outdoor play. Froggy Ball features adjustable straps that allow for changing net tension to optimize gameplay experience.  


  • 5 minute set-up
  • Super durable net
  • Strong metal frame
  • Everything fits in a carrying bag


  • 15'x15' (15 PLAYERS) or 20'x20' (30 PLAYERS) pit
  • 31" wall height


  • (1) Strong Metal Frame
  • (1) Froggy Ball Net
  • (1) 6' Froggy Ball carrying bag  
  • (1) Official Froggy Ball 

Age and size of participants affect pit capacity.

Patent Pending, Made in USA

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