9-Square Castlesquares (Tax Exempt)

Castlesquares is an indoor/outdoor volleyball 9 square game that is fun for all ages.

  • 15'x15' strong metal frame designed for a 3-5 minute set up
  • Telescoping legs make the height fully adjustable for all skill levels and sizes. Adjusts to three different heights:  6', 7'4" and 7'11".
  • UV resistant straps ensure that this game will entertain you and your guests for years to come.
  • Everything fits in one convenient carrying bag, making it super portable
  • Patent Pending

Aluminum is lightweight and easy to bring anywhere you go. Both the mill-finished and anodized aluminum sets are water-resistant and can be played in pools, lakes, or on beaches.

Made in America

Frame: Mill Finished Aluminum
Strap Color: Blue
Tax Exempt Organizations