The Best Party Games for Kids of All Ages

The Best Party Games for Kids of All Ages

Today’s kids are more discriminating in their party games. Pin-the-Tail on the Donkey and Musical Chairs just don’t cut it anymore! And, while movies or video games might seem to be the answer, kids crave more active entertainment. That leaves you choosing between spending a small fortune at an event center or sports park or coming up with free but engaging party games at home. Under most circumstances, neither of those options sounds very appealing. However, with the right fail-proof party games at your disposal, you can provide a fun, free party for your kids that will have your guests begging to stay longer. 

9 Square

Never heard of 9 Square? That’s ok! It will soon become your permanent go-to for every party, group hang-out, family reunion, and church activity! 9 Square is a zany combination of foursquare and volleyball that is played in a cage! Sound crazy? It’s actually a ton of fun. 9 Square is portable, light-weight, and simple to assemble. You can set it up inside, outside, on grass, turf, pavement, and more. The game is played in a tall, 9-squared cage-like structure. Like foursquare, there is a spot for the King and additional spots for the other players. However, instead of bouncing the ball into someone else’s square, you hit it up like in volleyball. When a player misses the ball or hits it out of bounds, they are out and the other players move up to fill their position. 

This game is perfect for kids and adults of any athletic ability. Few games can be enjoyed by both great-Aunt Ruby and 6-year-old Robby at the same time, but this is one of those activities. Because of that, it is ideal for both a kid’s birthday party and a family reunion. But watch out! This game is highly addictive. You might have a hard time getting your party guests to leave!

Gaga Ball

Gaga Ball is another lesser-known game that is fun for all ages. Best of all, it is suitable for large crowds–up to 30 people. Kids love it because it is fast-paced and highly competitive, but doesn’t require a lot of skill. Because of that, it is becoming a national craze. Schools and parks around the country are installing permanent Gaga Ball pits. Like 9 Square, this game is played in a cage or pit. However, instead of being played like foursquare, Gaga Ball is more like a game of really intense tag–but with a ball! Players stand in the 6-sided structure and use their hands and the walls of the pit to try to tag other players with the ball. If the ball hits your legs or feet, you are out. The last kid standing is the winner. 

Masses of people who were introduced to Gaga Ball at their local schools or parks have been looking for an affordable, portable version to play at home. Thankfully, the perfect product is now available from Castle Sports. It is lightweight, durable, and comes in two different sizes: one for up to 15 people and one for up to 30 people. Best of all, it can fit into any budget.


It is impossible to mention 9 Square without mentioning foursquare. You might not realize it, but foursquare is still very popular amongst today’s kids. This retro-favorite continues to be a favorite at elementary and middle schools across the nation. Foursquare is fun for everyone, regardless of skill level, and it can also accommodate a big group of kids. Even though there are only four positions available at any given point, the game moves rapidly enough that a substantial line can move through the game quickly. 

The best part about foursquare is that it requires very little to set up. All you need is a level driveway or patio, some chalk, and a playground ball. To set up a standard foursquare court, draw a 10’ by 10’ square on the pavement with chalk. Then, divide that larger square into 4 equal smaller squares measuring 5’ by 5’. The object of the game is to get to the King position. The King serves the ball to the person diagonal from them. Once the ball is in play, each player bounces the ball into another player’s square until someone misses the ball or hits it out. Once a player gets out a new player comes in, everyone rotates up, and the person who gets out joins the back of the line. 

Foursquare is fast-paced and exciting, and yet you only have to be able to bounce a ball. This makes it an exciting game for all ages and at any skill level. You just might want to have a referee available (you!) because this game can bring out some pretty fierce competition!

Lawn Darts

You might be surprised to find a game that was banned in 1988 by the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission in a best games list for kids. However, that is because the lawn darts of the past were literal darts, complete with sharp, weighted spikes. Obviously, this was a safety hazard! However, the lawn darts of today are safe; made with rounded rubber tips. 

Lawn darts are a crowd pleaser because they are easy to play but require some skill to do well. This is like a classic ring toss game, but without the need for such precision. The round-tipped, rubber darts are thrown into reasonably sized rubber or plastic rings. Points are scored for each dart that makes it into the ring. 

You don’t have to spend a fortune to put on a great party for your kids! The best yard games will keep your kids and their guests entertained for hours. Best of all, you are promoting physical activity and fresh air! Next time you have to throw a party, don’t stress out about the entertainment. When you have the right games, the party is planned for you!

Wondering where to purchase your 9 Square set or Gaga Ball pit? Castle Sports has durable and affordable options for both games. Simply click here to learn more and to order yours today! They are guaranteed to be a big hit at all of your parties and events.

The Best Party Games for Kids of All Ages

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